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21 May 2012

Hi everyone - big thanks to everyone who has been along to any of our shows so far this year, we've received lots of great feedback, lots of lovely comments and had some wicked parties!!!!

There has been some new songs added to the show which have been very well received and we are loving performing them!! There is talk of some further additions in the coming months, it's very exciting and we'll keep you posted!!

Chris has been working on new video clips and images for the projection we use at the back of the stage and we have been adding new bits here and there over the past few weeks with lots more going in this week and next week so anyone making it along to this Friday 25th at The Venue in Sleaford will get to see it and you can keep an eye on where else you can catch the show by checking the Gig List page.

That's all for now - hope to see you all very soon and if you have any venue suggestions for us to play at, please email us or message us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll see what we can do!!!


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