2013 So Far...

23 May 2013

Hi everyone...

Apologies for it being so long, busy busy here at Ultra 90s HQ - so what's been happening...

Jan/Feb saw a fairly quiet start to the year but then things just got crazy!! We were approached by a London based Company to put together 2 groups of performers for Viking Lines travelling daily between Finalnd and Sweden doing 90s Shows. We utilised all of Ultra 90s material and added some pop stuff including Ace of Base, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears... and our 10 people are still onboard until mid-June getting Ultra 90s out to Europe!!

Katie Price found us on Scott Jordan Entertainments Website and requested we play for her and Kieran at their 2nd Wedding Reception back in the UK end of March - that was pretty awesome!! A beautiful couple!! Great night!! Had the whole crowd up dancing and singing along from start to finish.

Central London saw Ultra 90s for a 40th Birthday Party - Head of Retail, Asian Division for Ted Baker!! Awesome night!! Everyone dressed up and dancing the night away!! DJ Mark Wilkinson (Kidology) was also there doing a set - great comment from him too - check out the testimonials page.

Loads of great gigs, new fans, getting bookings for 2014 and 2015 so watch this space for news and gigs!!

Live pics and video clips of recent gigs will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

See you all soon x

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