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Christmas 2022

22 December 2022


As 2022 draws to a close we would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has supported us this year - buying tickets, merchandise, sharing our posts, recommending to friends …. It means the world to us so we can carry on bringing you the nostalgia and sharing the love and fun at events across the UK. 

After a very difficult time - 2022 has set us back on the path to building the show and bringing it to more and more locations to see more and more of you having a great time as we share the memories of the good old days and make new ones along the way! 

2023 is going to be epic! With new parts of the show being added, props, costumes, sound and equipment upgrades in the pipeline, it’s going to be one hell of a journey. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas whatever you’re doing and here’s to the New Year!!! 

See you all soon xxx 

All our love from 

Kelly & Chris 

And The Ultra 90s Team


Ps... Coming soon...

Ultra 90s vs 2000s - watch this space!!




10 December 2014

Ultra 90s have had an amazing 2014 with so many awesome gigs, lovely comments from guests all up and down the country!!!

So here's a BIG THANK YOU to all our fans and supporters - Have a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!! See you all in the coming weeks if you can make it to a gig and if not, 2015!! xxx


2014 The Story So Far...

06 May 2014

So.... the start of 2014 has seen us travelling down to the East Coast, South West Coast, North East, West Midlands, Shropshire, South Wales and a few local appearences too at all sorts of Events - Weddings, Birthday Parties, Festivals, Theme Nights, Holiday Parks.... with lots of new venues coming up!! 

Check out the photo Gallery and Facebook for pics and video clips from gigs and if you've got any from gigs, please send them through!!

Watch this space for Ultra 90s Merchandise - COMING SOON!!!!!


10 April 2014

Well.... We've had some AMAZING Gigs recently!!! The one I'm going to talk about is River Rooms - Sat 5th April!! Keep spreading the word!! Great to see so many familiar faces at The River Rooms along with lots of new faces too!! 

The Atmosphere was ELECTRIC!!! Such a great crowd!! Thanks to everyone who came along, the Stourbridge News for our editorial, Two Thirds Media for some great shots!! DJ, Sound & Lighting Guys, The Bar Staff (mental night!!) River Rooms for having us again!!!

See you all 17th May when we'll be back - Make sure you catch us then as we won't be back again until October 4th :)

The Big 90s Night Out!! WOW!!!

11 March 2014

Well - what an AMAZING night at The Buttermarket, Shrewsbury - The BIG 90s Night Out!!!

Big love to EVERYONE involved in the Event and everyone who came along - the atmosphere was Electric!! Amazing event - Ultra 90s proud to be a part of!! Luzahnn and partner Yani (hope I spelt that right) were fab!! Great set and lovely chatting backstage til the early hours!!

Check out the pics, video clips And you can like TheBig90sNightOut and The Buttermarket on Facebook or Follow on Twitter

@TheButtermarket @Big90snight




14 December 2013


Ultra 90s would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

It's been an amazing year!!
With so many highlights... Katie Prices Wedding, Full House at The Beachcomber, Sold Out at the River Rooms, Epic Crowd and Video Footage from Fake Festivals - Winterton, Awesome night at BusFest 2013 with around 3000 people, various fun afternoons and evenings at Prides around the UK, we've shared some very special moments with a number of Bride and Grooms throughout the year, we've celebrated 30th, 40th and 50th Birthdays, created memories at Holiday Centres,  supported Chesney Hawkes, D:Ream, met Diva Feva, Mitchell Emms and Kelly's been mistaken for Sheridan Smith on numerous occasions!!  We've Travelled far and wide taking you and your friends and families back to the good old days!! 

December got off to a great start as we celebrated 5yrs of Ultra 90s!! And what a great night that was!! Thanks to all who came along xx

We are busy busy with over 100 dates already booked for 2014!!
We have lots of exciting additions and alterations to the show in the pipeline that will be implemented over the coming months.

So Check Out the Gig Dates and see when you can come along and join the party!!!


Summer 2013

11 September 2013

So.. It's been a crazy summer - we've been up and down the country covering many miles and had various fun and games along the way...

Flat Tyres and Traffic Jams - none of which stopped us from getting to gigs!! Nights without sleep, sell out gigs, festivals, holiday parks, weddings, tiny stages, enormous stages, black outs, torrential rain, record merch sales, very drunk people in dressing rooms (un-invited lol), surfing, exceptional coffee shops, bargains, fireworks, birthdays, booze, gift marrow while on stage... played to 10 people (nice and intimate), played to over 2500 people (Epic)... 

Met Chesney Hawkes again at Butlins 90s Reloaded, met Diva Fever at Wakefield Pride, Mitchel Emms at CEX Fest - caught up with fellow entertainers and had a few drinks...   

2013 So Far...

23 May 2013

Hi everyone...

Apologies for it being so long, busy busy here at Ultra 90s HQ - so what's been happening...

Jan/Feb saw a fairly quiet start to the year but then things just got crazy!! We were approached by a London based Company to put together 2 groups of performers for Viking Lines travelling daily between Finalnd and Sweden doing 90s Shows. We utilised all of Ultra 90s material and added some pop stuff including Ace of Base, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears... and our 10 people are still onboard until mid-June getting Ultra 90s out to Europe!!

Katie Price found us on Scott Jordan Entertainments Website and requested we play for her and Kieran at their 2nd Wedding Reception back in the UK end of March - that was pretty awesome!! A beautiful couple!! Great night!! Had the whole crowd up dancing and singing along from start to finish.


19 January 2013

2013 is gonna be a good one!!

So - 2012 bought all sorts of challenges and achievements our way... 

Lots of new fans, lots of changes to the show, some amazing gigs!!! Lots of great feedback from you guys!!

There's been some particular highlights for us:

Southampton University - SOLD OUT gig, great atmosphere!!, River Rooms SOLD OUT twice - already got a few booked in for this year. Romney Sands have had Ultra 90s back several times, various line ups and had an amazing night every time!! Supported Chesney Hawkes at Weymouth Bayside Festival, what a great guy!! The Beachcomber pre-T4 on the beach Party - PACKED!! Electric in there, everyone on their feet, singing, dancing.... A number of carnivals/festivals including out home town and just up the road in Sleaford for Oktoberfest - amazing photography courtesy of Lee Ballard, Dale Woolgar, Justin Earith and James Tuckwood

Summer 2012

03 October 2012

So - Summer is done! We've had loads of great feedback from Guests, Bookers, Staff everywhere we've been this year!!

Weddings, Festivals, Holiday Parks.... From Somerset to Inverness, From Devon to Kent, From Newquay to Skipsea.... We've travelled the length and breadth of the UK and performed to thousands of party goers, holiday makers, Wedding guests...

There's been some additions to the show including Triple Video Projection to our 4m widescreen backdrop, some new sounds and the introduction of LIVE Guitar for a number of gigs in August. We will be using LIVE Guitar on some gigs in the future as we loved the vibe!! Nice one George!!

33gigs in 39days is a record! Most of those were Ultra 90s in various formats, Solo, 4pc, 6pc... with the odd J'amy Winehouse and Motowners booking...

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