Ultra 90s Vs 2000s

28 February 2023

It's official!  We have been working behind the scenes, turning the clocks forward, and can now reveal ....

Coming THIS June....

THE ‘Ultra 90s vs 2000s’ EXPERIENCE - Live Dance Anthems!

After the success of Ultra 90s, formed back in 2008, we now bring you
‘Ultra 90s vs 2000s’ - a unique celebration of all your favourite dance anthems from the 90s AND 00s .


“There is no other show like it!!”  

 “It’s like stepping into a time machine - so amazing!”


Imagine you're at your favourite club, your favourite DJ is on, mixing all the best nineties and noughties dance anthems and you've hit the dancefloor, you're throwing some shapes, reliving the good old days, not a care in the world.....

Add some Live Instruments with Exceptional Performers, some Stunning Vocals and Authentic Spine Tingling Sounds.....you know the ones....those that just transport you right back in an instant!

Now heighten your senses some more with Insane Visuals, An Impressive Light Show, Lasers, Unique Costumes, Dance Routines, a Huge Turbosound PA System and a Whole Load of Energy......

What do you get??

Come with us on this spectacular trip back to the unforgettable era of Dance Anthems!!!


Experience this live show taking you on a journey through the best Dance Anthems, House, Chart, Club Classics, Drum and Bass, Trance and Hip Hop, ALL those feel good tunes from the 90s and 00s.



“They create an incredible atmosphere”
“I danced all night….Go!!! You won’t be disappointed”
“They obviously love what they do and their energy is infectious


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