Local Gigs

04 February 2012

Hi all

So, just lately we have been asked the question a lot... "When are you playing locally again?"

It's something we have been thinking about recently and will be looking to organise a gig in Grantham and Melton in the very near future. If there's anyone out there who would like to suggest venues, best days of the week, best time of the month, please email info@ultra90s.com or meesage us/post on our facebook page. And if you have a shop or know anyone with one and you would be so kind to advertise us in your window or on your counter, we would be extremely grateful, please let us know!!

Remember to spread the word - Ultra 90s - taking you back to the unforgettable era of 90s Dance Music - The perfect 90s Wedding Band, 90s Party Band, 90s Corporate Band, 90s Theme Band, 90s Tribute Band for Universities, Weddings, 30th Birthdays, 40th Birthdays, 90s Theme Nights, Festivals and any other events you can think of!!!

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